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Hosting Plans

The chart below includes the different packages that hosts and what they include.  

Virtual Web Hosting  (

Account Type  Starter Web Small Business Plan e-Commerce Plan
Monthly/Quarterly Fee $19.95 $25.00 $35.00
Disk Space (MB) 15 25 50
Data Transfer (MB/month) 500 1500 3000
POP Email Accounts 5 10 25
Your Own Domain X X X
File Manager X X X
Unlimited FTP Updates X X X
Discount Domain Name X X X
Autoresponders X X X
Email Aliasing X X X
Anonymous FTP   X X
FrontPage Extensions X X X
Server Side Includes X X X
Password Protected Pages X X X
Site Creation Tool X X X
Graphical Web Statistics X X X
CGI-bin X X X
Free CGI Scripts X X X
PHP 3.0   X X
Mailing Lists X X X
Daily Backups X X X
mySQL Database   X X
Static I.P. Address X X X
Secure Server (SSL) X X X
Shopping Cart   X X


Favorite Pittsburgh Links

Local News / Media
Local Resources

Daily New McKeesport
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
The Tribune Review
City Paper
In Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Business Journal
Gateway Hometown Plus
Pittsburgh Live
KDKA Radio
WQED Radio & TV
WXDX - The X
KQV Radio
WDUQ Radio

Citizens Bank Pennsylvania
Mellon Bank
PNC Bank
National City
Dollar Bank
Three Rivers Free Net
Carnegie Free Library
Port Authority of Allegheny County
Pittsburgh Job Listing
Pennsylvania Lotter Results
Hollywood In Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Area Homeschooling
Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh
Greater Pittsburgh Museum Council
Pittsburgh's Music Scene
Rock and Roll Reporter
Star Lake Amphitheater
Mellon Arena
PNC Park
Mattress Factory



Hosted Pages

Handels Ice Cream

Santa Dance

Italian Gourmet Deli


Green Lizzy

TropRock Music
Coming Soon

Internet Profit Masters
Coming Soon

BW Fine Prints
Coming Soon

Mr Charles (Psychic)

Rocco's Tavern

Amore Limo's

For The Way
Coming Soon

Pgh Links
Coming Soon

Raw Food Guy




Flea Markets
Places to Go
Kid Stuff



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